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Nov 6, 2012 7:00pm EST
today after school from washington into chicago. they're having a family dinner. the president's private residence here. earlier played basketball. we're told the president's team won by 20 points over friends but scotty pippen was on the president's team and he had help. >> thanks very much. carl, you as well. we'll check back with them from the two campaign headquarters throughout the night. virginia is one of our bell weathers to begin thing. i'll explain the importance of it all with mike emanuel. hinking of t virginia tonight, mike? >> both sides are expressing confidence and saying they've seen large turn-out in their key areas, which explains why it may be too close to call at this point. we've heard long lines across the commonwealth of virginia. in many places one to three hour waits. prince battleground william county outside washington, d.c. we heard the wait was as long as four hours. it's quite possible although polls have closed, that there are voters still voting here in virginia because state officials told us that if people were in line at 7:00 get to hey would s
Nov 6, 2012 8:00pm EST
"the hill" newspaper in washington. we are seeing struggles in florida and struggles in virginia, and we have been talking about that here while you have been away in local coverage. for republicans, it does not bode well. >> it still too early to waive any white flags. the critical thing is $90.4 million each campaign would have gotten from public financing. they have had all the money they needed to win the state's. >> it is amazing when you think about what they're running in florida, but we're looking at all told, $6 billion in probably in the final estimates. i do not know how the night will turn out, but we went into it in historic high. after all that money spent, it is quite amazing. >> in virginia, we are still waiting for the counties of and around washington, once were demographics have changed, where the president is widely believed to need to win by a good bit, whereas if mitt romney gets close, it is a good sign in virginia, but we do not know yet. >> from everything and hearing, it may be some time before we know that. if you are in line, you get to vote. the obama
Nov 6, 2012 8:00pm PST
washington not surprisingly to the democrat obama. the state of idaho, goes to romney. 91 votes to 52 votes, we are sure of ourselves around here and then the state of hawaii, good evening to you and you have elected -- you have given your votes to obama. now to the important states which are still undecide. that will begin with the state of virginia. a state that we have been watching all night long. now three fourths of all precincts reporting. romney with a slight lead but still to close to call according to the decision team. the state of ohio which we thought would be the big teller of the night, obama at the moment at least has opened up a lead but only two thirds of all precincts reporting and ohio is still to close to call as is iowa, six votes up for grabs, important state in this election. obama with what looks like it's a lead but because of the precincts still out it's to close to call. colorado, nine votes up for grabs, two thirds of all precincts reporting and colorado is still to close to call. same for minnesota with 26% of all precincts in, ten votes will go to somebo
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3